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The first time you hear about food safety or farm production best practices shouldn't be when there is an outbreak or recall. Farmers in the United States produce the safest food in the world. We don't want to just share with you what we do and how we do it, but more importantly, why we do it.

We're aiming to build a community of trust and transparency among farmers and consumers. Join us in our efforts!

Meet the Farmers

Andy Rice

Santa Maria, CA

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Jim Stollberg

Maverick Farming
Santa Maria, CA

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Tommy Minetti

Betteravia Farms
Santa Maria, CA

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Farming Today

Farming isn't just about putting a plow in the ground. It's about preserving resources and caring for land, environment, and people. Farming is ensuring your employees are paid and treated well, providing them with resources, and giving back to your community. Jobs in farming aren't limited to irrigation, tractor driving, and harvesting, but include: seed breeding and genetics, inspection and compliance, health and safety, robotics, information technology, sales, marketing, software development, plant pathology, and much, much more!

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