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There's a lot more to farming than what meets the eye. The food supply chain is long and complicated.


Automation and traceability are a couple of areas where technology is extremely beneficial.


Most agricultural products are transported through semis and trucked throughout our nation.


Laws and regulation at local, state, and federal levels have huge impacts on our ability to farm.


We must protect the the land, the water, the air, and all other resources in order to maximize our output.

Sales & Marketing

We need buyers just as buyers need us. We have the safest food supply in the world, and that is worth promoting!

Employee Welfare

Our workforce is critical to our function. We care for the well-being of our employees at every level in the operation.

Farmers make 8 cents on the dollar.

The rest goes to wages, production materials, transportation, distribution, and marketing.

Locally Grown

Only about 8% of U.S. farms market locally through direct-to-consumer or intermediate sales.