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While the pandemic has affected the health, hygiene, and sanitation practices of our employees, many of the recommendations put forth by the CDC already existed in our best practices and have been in our policies for years:

  • Hand washing procedures are to wash for 20 seconds, dry with use a single-use towel, then use hand sanitizer.
  • Employees with symptoms of illness are not permitted to work and must report onset of symptoms to a manager or supervisor immediately.
  • Requiring masks or face coverings wasn’t totally out of the ordinary for us either.  With the strong winds we sometimes get here in the Santa Maria Valley, many of our workers choose to wear face coverings for sun and/or dust protection anyway.

At Innovative Produce, we started on COVID spread prevention mid-March, before it became what it is today.  We implemented our mask policy March 17th.  The health of our employees is our top priority.  We gathered the science that was available and scoured our resources, meeting weekly as an Executive Team to discuss, execute, and revise the game plan as more information became available.

The mission of our company is to continually evolve innovative practices and quality products in order to maximize the well-being of our customers, community, and company.

The world “well-being” chosen specifically to encompass health, happiness, and prosperity.  How we treat employees has a ripple effect.  When we provide and care for them, they can provide and care for their families, and that has a positive impact on our community.